LOG 4.1: Thoughts on a rainy afternoon

14th September 2013 Hello everyone, I live close to the Uni so my daily space is very small. But recently I have visited my old flatmate Lea in Bremen once for dinner and once for their housewarming party. [Read More]

7 Steps which will make your blog more popular!

I love writing. Whether it is pen on paper or finger-tips on keys, the feeling I get when I express myself is uniquely gratifying. In some ways, it doesn’t matter whether people are reading my post or not, because the sheer pleasure of writing is really enough of a motivation. [Read More]

LfE 7: No news is…

12/10/2009 Hello!! It’s been a while it seems since my last update. All is well on this side of the world. I am cocooned in academic life and don’t hear the news very often. [Read More]

LfE 6: Classes are Intense

04/10/2009 Hello everyone! The weather this week albeit two days in the middle has been pleasant with sunny blue skies. This is most unexpected in Edinburgh but a joy to us although the wind can be a real bully while walking; pushing us forward and backward with no warning! [Read More]