LfE 7: No news is…



It’s been a while it seems since my last update.

All is well on this side of the world. I am cocooned in academic life and don’t hear the news very often. That sort of gives me a false sense of the world being fine. I only realised this yesterday as I was listening to the news on Classic FM (a very nice radio channel with western classical music). It has hourly news updates. Suddenly I was listening to news about bombs in Iraq and another musician dying suddenly! I wonder what’s the latest with the Swine Flu scare. All is not well with the world but here you don’t notice it. When you reply please tell me what’s going on in the world. Anything I’d find interesting or is too big a deal to miss out on like the ridiculousness of Obama’s peace prize.

I’m into week 4 of academic life– I seem to never have done enough reading- there’s always more to do. But that’s ok.

We had a Neuroscience-Linguistics potluck dinner on Saturday night where students from both programs (fortunately postgrad only) got together and cooked their own items. It was fun and great to interact with new people. There is quite a bit of overlap in our subjects anyway. My roommate (who is studying developmental linguistics) and I cooked vegetable rice and a mixed vegetable soupish curry. Me and the North Indians of the house have constant conflict of the definitions of food items 🙂 and non-Indian visitors are amused at the differences between the various regions of our country.

Social life is far more time taking than I had anticipated before I left. Neuroimaging modules that we have to do online are not getting done simply because it is not neatly scheduled. But we go for lots of extra lectures which are fun and interesting.

For now, that’s all from here.

I’m having a good time over all and I hope all of you are too.

Be peaceful 🙂

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