LfE 27: Home


Hello everyone 🙂

I hope everything is going well with all of you. This is the final mail I’ll send from Edinburgh to all of you because my magical and memorable year has come to an end. I have learnt so much here- Neuroscience and about life and made some very good friends too.

I spent the last month and a half on my dissertation writing (which got very intense), then travelled to Slough to visit family and see the sights in London. I write now after my return from Oldenburg, Germany, where I have been offered a place to work on my PhD. I’ll be using EEG and possibly MEG later on to examine attention during different cognitive states, something that has a large amount of philosophical literature that I already find interesting. The group and the town is nice and I already started picking up German at a party where I met many more of the people who will be in the same building as me studying different aspects of psychology! I must say, everything does work to the minute there.

I have just a presentation on Wednesday and then I’m finished with my course work for MSc Neuroscience. I leave on Friday to reach India on Saturday. In my last few days here I’d like to see some more shows from the FRINGE festival (which makes this city suddenly full of tourists but is actually quite exciting), climb dear old Arthurs seat one last time and say a proper goodbye to all the friends I’ve made here. I hope to keep visiting here (since Ryan Air has cheap tickets between Edinburgh and Bremen- near Oldenburg).

So within a week I’ll have found the place that will be my new home for the next 3 years, say good-bye to a city that I’ve loved from the start- home for a year, and finally go home to my family.

I’ll be in India until early November so I hope to see all of you before I leave again. Keep well and happy. See you soon! 🙂

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