LfE 26: Amsterdam and realisation of love



I write less and less often nowadays mainly because I’m more busy but also because theres more of the same type of things happening. Loads of work and less new experiences to share.

I went for the conference in Amsterdam, met a school senior, and learnt a lot! Being surrounded by neuroscientists was a very new experience. Very interesting, at times unexpectedly insightful lectures and good posters too. Though I admired layout as much as content. We walked around the canals, went to the Van Gogh museum, and on a boat ride…and walked through parks. Except the ridiculously hot weather it was a great trip.

The captain on our way back was funny too with his announcements. Good to fly- nice views under the clouds.

I have 3 weeks till my dissertation is due and not all my data collection and analysis is done. I know I’ll feel the pressure as soon as I get my feedback for my draft (in which I’ll need to add results and discussion).

I had mentally accepted that I’d have to move out of Edinburgh if I didn’t find a PhD here and possibly even thought it was a good idea to go to a different academic atmosphere and meet new people. But after going to Amsterdam, I realised how much I love Edinburgh and how much I would like to stay if given the chance. I like the cold air, good traffic (unlike Amsterdam), and just the familiarity that has grown in the year (nearly) that I’ve been here. It was foggy weather here yesterday. Which was more than welcome after the heat. And the cold when I landed and the rain! Its good for settling the pollen that makes me sneeze too.

I’ll be home in the end of August. Literally the end. Still hazy on PhD. Too bad I’m missing school’s Birthday.

Hope all is well with all of you.

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