LOG 1.24: Coming home :)

5th August, 2011

This time next week, I will be home. I can’t tell you how excited I am! When I was translating a song which talked about Idlys in one line, /2011/07/29/balailakka-balailakka-lyrics-and-translation-with-end-notes/ I looked them up to share an image link for those readers who don’t know what it is. I was so hungry by the time I found a good picture. I don’t normally think much about food.

Work has been very stressful lately. I have been trying to analyse data for my supervisor to practice for when I have my own data. I have also been trying to correct some mistakes I hadn’t even realised were there in my original Presentation script. I aim to collect a couple of behavioural pilot data sets before I leave to get an idea of what my real data will look like but the rate it is going, I’m not sure how much I will be able to analyse.

I have been grappling with some difficult questions about home and belonging, what to do with life, whether this PhD is just a job to me or more, and who I am. I guess I can’t really feel like I belong in some place or job unless I know who I am. I am also examining arranged marriage as a system and marriage overall, in general. It is one more such thing where, before you enter you had better know who you are and what you want from life, if you want to give it some direction.

I have also been pondering lighter questions like; what would I be sacrificing if I could transfer my consciousness into an Android body (like from Star Trek) and how much of daily life would be affected if I were to lose either sight or hearing and about the way Hinduism is understood in the West. I guess it is a lot of thinking. I hope to find time to write about these things soon.

Speaking of which, the viewership is really good now and my daily average of views has risen to 32 (as of today)…! In all I’m hitting 1735 and hopefully 2000 soon 🙂 I refresh the stats section around 3-5 times a day…It’s about the only activity in my life (blogging, not checking stats:)) I feel sure of and keeps me afloat in times of insanity at work. Feel free to browse through the translations etc. : /.

I am really looking forward to seeing as many of you as humanly possible in a month and some stimulating conversations. Touching base, coming home like Scarlett O’Hara tends to do…

See you soon!

Love and hugs 🙂

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