LOG 1.8: Missing English and The Tree of Gondor

11th February, 2011

Hello all,

I got a mobile and landline connection. From my home number I can call landlines all over europe for free! So if you are in Europe, let me know your number and we can have a little phone chat 🙂

Sometimes German is frustrating. My phone detected a German sim-card and assumed I was a German expert! I had to find the language option (in German) and change it back to good old English! It is also a pain when you are trying to operate the TV to make it play the radio stations (yes, that´s how we listen to radio in my new flat kitchen) or when you call a company and they have an automated German voice! When I was in a shop the other day and heard someone speak English as they passed by, I was glad to hear it. The only way to get someone to switch to English here is by looking blank and saying ´sorry?´. I miss the comfort with which I used to be able to do normal things in India or the UK. I miss not having to ask people for help to do basic things like calling a help line to fix something. On the bright side, I automatically think of certain words in German now-a-days.

Yesterday, I went to Ikea and my friend’s place and now I have everything I need in my room. Just need to assemble it and rearrange things for optimal layout. I presented my project ideas this Monday and the feedback was quite positive. I´m currently working on the details. I really like my work! The temperatures have been rising but there is still quite a lot of fluctuation.

Outside my office is the Tree of Gondor. When it snowed, it was white 🙂 I´ve been listening to Brahms, A Perfect Circle and World music. Recently started to play GemSwap on Facebook ´fun games´. I´m testing my lab ideas on myself as I play it! Still addicted to Star Trek…on season 2. There was an English book by Oscar Wilde called A Picture of Dorian Gray lying around. His English and ideas are a pleasure to the mind. Like tasting some spice after a month of blandness.

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