LOG 1.9: Aerobics, Music, Star Trek

17th February, 2011

Hello everyone,

I just came back from an hour of the most exhausting exercise in probably Years! I never realised how out-of-shape I have been until I saw 60 odd other people able to jump around during what they call ‘Power Gym’ for an hour while I was out of breath within 15 minutes. I started so enthusiastically; the music was fast and the instructor turned out to be a girl I went to Latin dance aerobics with just last Friday (more on that later). But rather than a warm up, the jumping in different ways was all it was. Totally cardio. I slowed down and stepped here and there rather than jumping anymore! I’m sure I made a lot of the slower girls feel much better about themselves 🙂 !

The Latin dance aerobics was much easier. I have already done salsa a couple of times before in Edinburgh so it was just a repeat of things I already knew. The teacher was quite impressed with me but that must’ve been the first time anyones thought I was a good dancer!

Apart from these evening work-out sessions I’m now attending, now that I don’t have to cycle half hour to and from work, quite of few things have been happening. My department had a Kohlfahrt. It is a north German tradition where you wear little cups around your neck on a string and drag a wheelbarrow full of drinks on a 13-15km walk in the outskirts of the city. You make up rules like, every corner, or every left turn, you have to fill up your little cup and drink.I didn’t go for it but I saw pictures and it looked like they had fun. At the end of the walk to go to a restaurant and have a specific Cabbage based meal. It is such a strange thing to do!

I have also started to sing on Sundays. My neighbour has a very well musically equipped room. Several guitars, a saxophone, a professional microphone, a keyboard and a hi-tech software for making music, recording, with plugins of drum kits etc! He studies Computer science in his spare time in the University! 🙂 I had composed some songs ages ago so I shows him some and we did a preliminary recording too. The other guy in the band recently moved to Düsseldorf but they plan to meet occasionally to practice some tracks together.

I’ve started to use my hand luggage as my shopping bag. It fits well across my shoulders as I bike ride to and from the shop. The nearest is also the most expensive (Combi). 5-7 minutes further away is a much cheaper one (Lidl). There is also a very large supermarket called Famila but I haven’t gone there yet. I’m trying to eat healthy as much as possible.

Star Trek continues to fascinate me with its variety of concepts/themes of each story. I also read about the Vulcan philosophy and I think we would do well to adopt is as much as is humanly possible. They protect diversity of life, are very scientifically curious and are humane in their concerns for others. Though they are often mistaken to be emotionless, they are merely far more controlled about it than humans. Some of Spock’s dialogues about human nature are so insightful, I have to pause and wonder at how true it is. And in general, they simply don’t make dialogues as witty anymore. I’m nearing the end of the second season of the Original Series.

I will be getting some help assembling the furniture this weekend. I returned the extra sim card I accidentally ordered (a language based mix up) and I hope to get some help in unlocking my phone too, which is why my mobile is still not in use! (a very kind friend is trying to help me out right now…let’s see).

I signed the contract in Saturday when the previous tenant moved his furniture and things out so I officially live here now. Need to go all the way to city center to make it official with the Oldenburg City council. Pain you can’t do it online. Work is good as usual. Trying to zone in on the specifics.

That’s a long update! Write back when you can. Meanwhile, stay healthy and happy 🙂

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