Standing Desk Experience: Days 2-4

I’ve been standing at work all week. My heels hurt by the end of each day and I’m starting to see what my boyfriend meant by needing the softness for the feet. But other than this, I’m quite happy with it. I am more focused, goal oriented and efficient. I march on the spot sometimes, sway from side to side, stand on the balls of my feet or on my toes to give my calves a good work out. When I’m just reading, I lift my arms at 180 degrees to the ground and hold. I bend my knees, swirl my waist, all as I’m working and not very consciously either.

My sceptical colleague checked on me today and when I gave a positive report he said he suspected I was not being totally honest. I told him a nice foot rub at the end of the day makes everything nicer. I added that if I changed my mind he’d be the first to know because I’d call him to help me move things back to the other desk. He can then witness my defeat and feel smug. But that’s never going to happen. Other colleagues also came to check on me today and seemed impressed that I was still continuing.

Frankly, I was expecting it to be much much harder to reach even this level of comfort. I do take sitting breaks especially when friends come by to chat. I also sit during lunch or during the Monday meeting, but overall, it isn’t as difficult as I expected. It’s possible if I had an easy choice of sitting, I’d use it more often. It is also possible that my enthusiasm is making everything feel better. So I’ll report again later on how it’s going. There is a point standers reach when sitting feels more difficult. It would be wonderful to reach that.

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