Standing Desk Experience: Day 1

I’ve been reading about how sitting is bad for you for several months now but after reading  one more article a couple of days ago, I decided enough is enough, I’m going to make a standing desk, get used to it and live longer. So with a sceptical colleague’s help I moved the CPU, the two screens, keyboard and mouse to the top of the filing cabinet which wasn’t being used anyway and reconnected things. That part was smoother than I expected actually, especially with help. The keyboard and mouse were on top with the screens though and as I was reading some more articles about how to adjust to the standing desk, most also said having the keyboard up there is a bad ergonomic idea. Then I realised if I open the second drawer of the filing cabinet I would have the perfect height for the keyboard. I even had a long thin plank on which the keyboard would stably stand. Problem though was that no one has opened this filing cabinet in three years. I remember it used to open when I first started out but sometime in the middle it was locked. I searched through three boxes of keys and with the help of the secretary and my puzzle loving friend we found the key that would open it. On opening the first drawer I found something I thought I had lost years ago! I was overjoyed. I set up the plank, decided I need to saw it so it will fit in as I close the drawer. Just then, my friend said wait and ran. She was back soon with a piece of wood that used to be in her kitchen counter that fit perfectly into the drawer and provided the perfect space for both keyboard and mouse to sit comfortably. How perfect!! I was so enthusiastic. I was standing without my shoes on my carpet floor, but moving around now and then, in my cricket white socks. It felt great!

I showed a few more of my colleagues and they seemed sceptical about how long this would last. I asked one to ask me how it’s going in a week. He said he’s ask me by the end of today. I have read that it takes around two weeks to overcome fatigue and for it to become natural. I’m willing to endure, wait it out. Another colleague sent me a picture of a built standing desk because he wants to do it too after he gets his own office.  My boyfriend was the first to see the standing work station over video call. He was totally enthusiastic and said the posture is good too. He recommended a gel mat for my ankles.

I felt energetic the whole day but was careful not to overdo it. I walked, ran, jumped, danced around and sat down once in a while just to keep it balanced. I still feel energised and more alert. I think I will be exhausted tonight but I’ll come back with fresh energy on Monday and start again. I should try to do this at home too. Recently, since my regular yoga habit started, I’ve taken to sitting on the floor with my yoga blanket and shifting into easy yoga postures as I watch/listen to something.

So that’s my first day report on this mini adventure. Wish me luck!

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