Starry night

The stars are so pure in their brightness tonight. No earthly sources of light can begin to compare. Sirius sparkled in a clean and loud tone as the others seemed to harmonise in the music of the galaxy. If you listen, if you watch, it’s always there. This music. Venus rose more beautiful than a pearl, Orion’s belt shone with pride and the seven jewels, which I realised are also probably the saptarishis, clustered together near the V.

What can I do? I’m left with no words profound enough to describe the beauty. All earthly comparisons to diamonds and pearls are meaningless. The sky is ultimate beauty to which all others could pay obeisance. The kind of beauty that I could gaze at all my life and never want to look away. The splendour, the magnificence, the sheer infinitude is overwhelming.

The stars are coming to me more often. It’s as if they are calling me, asking me to look and realise something.

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