LOG 1.7: The new place

2nd February, 2011

Hello 🙂

I´ve moved into the new place. My things are finally out of the bags and in well organised shelves! So happy to have things out and well in reach. The previous occupant has left his things in the room so I put them all together, rearranged in a way to optimise the space. It looks good now 🙂 It is so convenient to live so close to the Uni. It is a 5 minutes slow ride to my building.

The flat itself is big and takes up a whole floor. Six rooms, three bathrooms, a huge kitchen-dining-living area with 2 or 3 fridges and lots of storage space. I share it with 5 friendly Germans. There are posters everywhere of Test Bild Parties, of LOTR, other movies, some funny ones and some deep quotes too. It makes the walls interesting but I would probably never put one up myself. Ideally, if I was to have any posters I would have one of each of these: Roger Federer on court, Johnny Depp, Earth (home) looking like a sparkly beauty from space, and Star Trek- Kirk and Spock and the USS Enterprise :). The fridge also has so many magnets. They, in short, have a lot of stuff. When I´m done with my room (after I get my own furniture in and the old guy´s stuff is taken away) mine will most likely be the most stark room in the house.

I´m also becoming increasingly obsessed with Star Trek. Have been watching an episode a day 🙂 I plan to watch everything ever made 🙂

I have a presentation coming up next week so I´m preparing for that too.

I will occasionally miss the 3 cats…

That´s my update from here for now.

Live Long and Prosper \//,

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