LOG 1.6: Speaking German

25th January, 2011

Hallo everyone 🙂

Hope you are all well and happy as you read this. Here is the latest news from me:

The girl I live with got a new cat. She is white with grey parts. 5 months old and as bratty as a stereotype teenager! She is softer to touch than the older cats but also faster so harder to trick into an activity as you try to get your daily things done. She is so affectionate that she constantly rubs herself on my legs as I walk around, meowing for my attention. In her wild playfulness she scratched me a couple of times so I’m more wary of her now than I was the first two days.

I’ve also been riding my Spirit to and from Uni. I got the light dynamo fixed and it lights up bright 🙂 No more fear of being fined by the cops! So happy to be on the right side of law again! 🙂

My German is also improving. I can understand and reply to simple questions. The day I used my first German sentence in context was at the post office when I had to ask how much something was. ‘Was mach das?’ I think he thought it was very strange that I was So Super Pleased that I was asking that. But I rode home so happy that I was able to pull it off 🙂 And so I am every time I succeed in an unfaltered sentence. I think I now know around half as much German as I do Kannada. I don’t know if that is a bad thing considering I was in Bangalore for so much longer than 2 months! 🙂

Work is going smoothly. After a meeting I set tasks for myself and confirm with my supervisor. She adds or subtracts things if necessary and then I spend the days up to the next meeting doing those tasks. Mainly it is reading papers. But I really like the papers I’m reading. They are quite easy to understand, or I know better now how to read them optimally.

I went out again once to a Sushi place and once to the Patio. Food was good in both places. I preferred the Patio though… I will show you both if any of you visit 🙂 The Loft has cocktail nights, as does the music bar. The music is much better in the music bar 🙂 I watched the Wave again with the friend the night before she left. It’s a good movie. Die Welle. Highschool experiment in history class on whether dictatorship is possible again in Germany. Based on a book and on a real incident.

I think I mentioned I will be moving house in Feb? They have invited me for a party (birthday of one of my future flatmates). From their emails so far I think I need to work harder to preserve my English. Please let me know if you notice the standards of my email dropping 🙂 But on the bright side, my German will pick up exponentially 🙂 I hope 🙂

Well that’s it from me. Life is good and even sparkly at times 🙂

Write back sometime… Would be nice to hear from you!

Guten Tag/Nacht 🙂


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