LOG 1.5: Snow, it turns to rain

15th January, 2011

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I last wrote. I’ve been busy seeing houses, working (:O ! :)), and going out with friends. I’m happy to announce I have finally found a place to move into; long-term. It is close to the Uni campus, reasonable in rent and with friendly people. Although it is not furnished, with a friend moving to Düsseldorf and a very considerate supervisor, I’ve been given most of the things I will need. My colleagues (who have cars) have also offered to help with the move.

I have mentioned that I ride to work I presume? Let me narrate another interesting bike story: My bike is a brown-maroon sports gear bike called Spirit. It doesn’t have a bell but it does have a dim and moody light. A friend took me to the back of the student building where bikes are fixed. I could buy one from them or pick a discarded one and spend some time fixing it to take it away for free, the only charges being for the spare parts I buy from them. There are 2 assistants who go around helping owners fix their own bikes. So in the second week I took Spirit in from the broken section to fix her. It took 3 ‘sittings’ of totally 5 hours of replacing the chain and attaching the one spare part: the stand. And I rode away with a sturdy bike which had been in pretty good condition. She’s been very good in the snow unlike the extra-curved girly bikes with thin wheels.

I got a good number lock for security and she’s safe all the time 🙂

The weather is now more rainy. The snow and ice are all gone. Temperatures have reached 8 and even 10 once! But in the duration of the coming week it is expected to fall again and stay in the 1 and -2 range for some more time.

It was 6 degrees when I rode out to pick up some stuff and say bye to the same friend who took me to the bike place. She left to Düsseldorf today. We found that we clicked quite well and she likes the same type of music as me too! It’s sad that she has moved but luckily she has a boyfriend here and will visit often. I plan to visit her too.

My birthday passed 11 days ago and although I still feel 21, I am now 23! It was a good day; skyping with family and friends in the morning, working the day and then having a nice evening out with local friends at an ambient Italian place. Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday 🙂 actually, in India now, it’s already his birthday! From New Years day, it has been a series of birthdays… Facebook has been filled with wishes for me and wishes from me to others on their birthdays!

I look forward to unpacking after nearly 2 months of ‘living out of the suitcase’.

I wish you all a Happy Pongal (harvest festival marking the change of season for those who don’t know) and hope you enjoyed the good food a little on my behalf as well 🙂

Enjoy life. It is a miracle to celebrate 🙂

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