Letters from Oldenburg, Germany 1.1: And so it Begins!

6th December, 2010

Hello All!!

Winter is a strange season to start a new thing anywhere. Mainly because places seem most uninhabitable in this season. But here I am, sitting in mz new office, struggling with ?rebelling against this abnormal kezboard which has the z where the y should be and vice versa. And the ? and@ are in strange places. Don’t even ask about the apostrophes, colons, hiphens and slashes….!

I bid goodbze to dear Edinburgh and a welcome to Oldenburg. Christmas season is in full swing. Todaz is St Nicholas’ daz. All of us have sweets on our tables Ö= (that is mz new waz of smiling btw….:))

The formalities of signing the contract etc. are being taken care of todaz and tomorrow. I attended a meeting todaz in which I nearlz fell asleep! (Tired!) and walked about here and there for a place to convert mz GBP into Euros.

Iäm stazing with a friend who has 3 cats. One of them is supposed to have special food because it isn’t feeling well but the other cats seem to like that food more than the sick one! I am hoping their owner comes home soon this evening. I reallz do feel lost around animals that canät talk.

When I was walking around feeling lost at the Bremen Train station, a couple of Germans came to ask ME for directions ….and guess what! Thez asked me in GERMAN … (laughing mz head off)

Mz supervisor and group mates are all friendlz…so no worries there.

I hope to have mz own address soon so that I can sort out librarz card, bank account, and other things that canät be done without it .

Hope all of zou are doing well,

Mail me sometime. Been just over a week since I left home but feels infinitelz longer!!


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