LfE 14: Traveling to Slough


Hello everyone!

Hope this letter finds you all in good health. My adventures are more mobile now. I’m on the train to Slough to visit family for the holidays. Unfortunately, as I write, there is no WiFi for me to send it directly. Will have to wait till I do get a WiFi train.

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you about the past week. Tuesday I attended the last of my classes that was rescheduled because of the teacher having had a flu (not Swine flu). It was about how stress affects the brain as we age. It’s important to note, a certain amount of stress is considered healthy. But too much can be quite bad for a healthy ageing process. So please lead a relatively stress-free life 🙂

Wednesday was far more hectic. I finally met my local host at a cafe and we talked for two hours about religion. She invited me for a ‘British lunch’ once I returned from my holiday. I then rushed to participate in a psychology experiment in the campus from Princes street. This time I wasn’t paid but it got me thinking about how the recent experiences may have changed my perception of myself. I walked to Morningside next to meet one of my potential supervisors in the Kennedy tower. It was a good meeting. He introduced me to the whole floor and seemed in no rush to send me off. I found this even with the other psychiatrist who I had talked to about the project.

Feeling very satisfied with the day, I began to walk to my flat. I had covered around 7 miles on foot that day. And though it was raining for most of it, the temperature was a pleasant 10 or so, so it was nice to walk among the sub-urban houses with roses in the garden, in the Meadows, and quiet roads. That’s one of the things I like most here. There aren’t people everywhere. There’s enough quiet and peace. People follow traffic rules!

Thursday was all at home. I applied for a PhD. Friday was hectic all over again. Experiment at 12 where I got a large Mars Bar (be jealous), met another (the music) supervisor around 2, read at the Neuroscience common room till I had to catch the shuttle bus to attend the Psychiatry lecture at the Royal Infirmary. That lecture put together several ideas I had previously discussed with my music supervisor. I spent most of the next day writing a draft of my project proposal. On Sunday I attended a Carol Service at the McEwan Hall with my classmate and her flatmate. I must’ve told you about this hall. Its semi-circular inside with lots of paintings on the ceilings. I took a photo of it with my other camera. Will take send you what I took this time of the singers. The music was really nice. I thought of how it seemed to want to escape and defy earth. I only knew two songs. The choir was far more advanced than the one I was part of in college. They seemed so professional and had so many more layers. I attended a lecture on motor movements and how we imagine music yesterday. Met three of my classmates, said bye to them. And here I am.

The plains of grass so green is spread over the passing scenery in soft curves, dotted with sheep and even cows in some places. Occasional spurts of shrubs and trees also grow and shiny streams cut across the land. Quaint little houses pass by in the middle of nowhere. My large suitcase is in the seat behind me on this mostly empty train.

3 Hours Later……………………………………………………………………………..

I am now in the train from Manchester to London. This train is a lot fuller. I ate my packed lunch and won a chess game against my computer 🙂 feels great. The scenery is more flat now. But still green and the sky is a bleak grey. I expected Wi-Fi on this train but apparently there isn’t any. Too bad, too bad….But the ride is smooth, relatively quiet and not tiring. I will only write again when I have settled well into my destination.

AFTER REACHING…………………………………………………………………………….

I am now in Slough. It’s so nice to be among familiar faces. Family is the best 🙂 I write as I listen to Mozart’s violin symphonies. My cousin is warming up to me. Very smart for his age.

More later.

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