From December 2007 I think that wasting time is criminal. Somehow, there has to be a purpose to everything. And when there is none, I feel like I don’t deserve to exist. [Read More]

The First and Last Freedom: Thoughts during Chapter 1

Different approaches are necessary for different types of books; Novels and most popular science books are meant to be read cover to cover. Dictionaries, encyclopedias and other factual texts are meant to be looked up for specific information. [Read More]

Dialogues III

Dear readers, I’ve finally started to shed my inertia and write properly again. Here is the next set of Dialogues we had. J: Just to clarify, was it the Old Testament which said the earth was flat? [Read More]

Dialogues II

S: In response to your questions: What is relativism? It’s the philosophical position that all points of view are equally valid and that all truth is relative to the individual. [Read More]

Dialogues I

I have a friend who I found last September after nearly 9 years of no contact. We initially had no idea that we would become close again. [Read More]