SVL 1.5: A weekend in Michigan

11th August 2014 Dear family and friends, How are you? Two busy weekends have passed since I last wrote to you. [Read More]

SVL 1.4: The Great Outdoors and Indoors

29th July 2014 After I wrote to you the previous time, we went out and went to DeeDees, a Gujarati restaurant for dinner. Just near where we parked, I took these pictures. [Read More]

The refreshing effect of Om Chanting in Yoga

Om is a syllable, not a word. And though it has a lot of mythical and symbolic importance in the Hindu tradition, it has no single meaning to be pinned down to. [Read More]

SVL 1.3: Independence

18th July 2014 Dear family and friends 🙂 How are you? I’ve been happy to hear from more of you recently. Life has taken on more of a normal rhythm now that it’s been ~a month since I landed. [Read More]

The Relevance of Culture

A conversation with an old friend of mine revealed to me that the word culture is too often associated only with religion and ritualism and dismissed as irrelevant. [Read More]

Sunnyvale Letters (SVL) 1: Wedding and After

June 21st 2014 Happy Summer Solstice everyone! 🙂 I woke up at 5am because of jetlag and my husband, Santosh, is still sleeping. I’ve been wanting to write every day of the last month but things have been so busy. [Read More]

LOG 4.4: Defense on Monday

11th April 2014 Hello, I submitted my thesis on the 7th of March and my defense is on 14th April, the coming Monday at 11am. I present my studies for half an hour and then face questions from the committee and audience for the next half an hour or so. [Read More]