My friend the Silver fish

Not two days ago I met a silver fish. I don’t like to share my shower stall with little creatures but I can’t harm them either. [Read More]

SVL 1.14: Atlanta Florida Trip

25th January 2015  Hi everyone, Recently I’ve been working on a few of my own projects apart from the environmental stuff so I’ve been putting this trip update off. [Read More]

SVL 1.11: The City of Angels and San Diego

6th December 2014

Hi Everyone,

SVL 1.10: Alterbridge Weekend and East Coast

11th November 2014


SVL 1.9: Palo Alto and Cousins

Two days after that I went to meet a member of TransForm – an organisation that works on improving public transport one of the events I had previously attended was hosted by them and I had taken a short survey saying I wouldn’t mind being contacted for more information/clarification of my ideas. [Read More]

SVL 1.7: Mount Madonna, Davenport Beach, San Francisco, Yosemite

4th September 2014  Hi, Here is the next update about our recent travels and experiences.  This email is long (‘megalang’) and it’s taken me all day to upload and organise the pictures and write it out. [Read More]