My friend the Silver fish

Not two days ago I met a silver fish. I don’t like to share my shower stall with little creatures but I can’t harm them either. Carefully I showered so he wouldn’t be washed into the drain. He kept climbing to drier parts of the wall to make it through the thunderous storm.

After this episode I was hoping he we would’ve moved since he was shown just how dangerous that spot was to hang out in. But when I went again to shower today there he was again. Hello my friend I said. I was more comfortable with him being there, less afraid of his sudden movements.

There was one large splash which almost swept him into the water. He should know a silver fish can’t swim. I said, sorry! I didn’t mean to splash you. He seemed annoyed nevertheless.

In some time there was one more splash and he stopped moving. His body seemed twisted and indifferent to the water. My little shower companion was dead. The poor creature. How easily he perished. How fragile.