Autumn dance

Autumn wind

It is time for leaves to bid farewell to the trees they leave

Where they have lived for two happy seasons

Leaving is an elation

Trees dance, their arms swing happily in the strong winds

Sway, sway

Flaming leaves leave the light grip of their branches and swirl

Round and round

In small rings with leaves of other trees, a tornado of joyful CĂ©ilidh

Spin, spin

The wind roars, the heavy concert of early Autumn

Woosh! Woosh!

Leaves race, they rush straight past, this way and that

Fly fly!

My hair decides to join the festivities and wet leaves come to make friends

They pause on me before they fly forth leaving friendly smacks

They decide I belong with them

A strong gust pushes me until I laugh and move

The next wave takes me away

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