LOG 2.1: Autumn

22nd September 2011

This morning on the radio, I heard a weather report unlike any other. The lady was shouting in German with even some ‘bad words’ which I could recognise about the summer which had more than its share of rain and how horrible it was that the bad weather was continuing into Autumn. She shattered glass as she threw her tantrum. Happy Equinox btw 😉

When I got back the length of the light was significantly less than before I left and it was a lot colder! After a week or so of being back, I am getting used to it now but I do understand the feelings of the poor lady on the radio.

Yesterday I went for an EEG workshop in Delmenhorst. Before we left, I saw grapes grow on a vine in the back yard of one of my colleagues (as we waited for another colleague to pick us up). He plucked 3 bunches. The grapes were spherical and dark purple. Very pretty and quite sweet! I remember I was similarly thrilled to see raspberries last year in Edinburgh growing in the wild.

The leaves are drying and falling. The flaming of the trees typical of Autumn is happening here in a quiet way. It is no doubt because of my tropical upbringing that I find the change of seasons so dramatic and even fickle; like it can´t make up it´s mind. It would feel more stable if the place chose one season and stuck to it. Temperate Earth really is taken for a ride!

Being back now, it feels like I didn´t leave at all. Everything except the season is the same. The month in India was a good break and I really needed it. The time with family, travelling and meeting some people was great. But I didn´t meet so many people I wanted to. A month seemed very short compared to the three months I spent at home last time. The combination of a horrible cold and bad planning on my part left a lot in the air. Next time… and until then, there is always skype.

I hope work picks up momentum, social life has! And our flat is expecting two new flatmates next month!

Keep well and live it large 🙂

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