LOG 2.2: Photos of the Neighbourhood

25th September 2011


Here are some photos of the neighbourhood. We went for a walk today after Maren’s Birthday-cake party. Maren is my flatmate’s girlfriend. She is here quite often so it’s almost like she is my flatmate too. She turns 24 today 🙂 Dirk spent all yesterday in the kitchen baking 2 amazing cakes for her and the party. Here are some pictures from the walk we took after her family came over;

[Sunset from my room][1]
Sunset from my room
[Sunset from my room][2]
Sunset from my room
[Houses you can see from my window][3]
Houses you can see from my window
[Trees in my neighbourhood][4]
Trees in my neighbourhood

[Trees you can see from my window looking down][6]
Trees you can see from my window looking down

New timers, a car workshop close to my apartment

[Various postboxes][15]
Various postboxes
[Leaf on a buggy][16]
Leaf on a buggy

[That's me trying to handle Moritz the dog][20]
That’s me trying to handle Moritz the dog

More tree views

[Nearby cafe/bar we never go to][26]
Nearby cafe/bar we never go to

[Big empty streets][32]
Big empty streets

[In the nearby park][34]
In the nearby park

[Wallpaper worthy][36]
Wallpaper worthy


[Tress in a nearby park][40]
Tress in a nearby park




[Looking up][45]
Looking up
[Through the leaves][46]
Through the leaves

[Edible nuts lying around][48]
Edible nuts lying around

[Back in my room][52]
Back in my room

Speaking of flatmates, one of the new ones moved in today. He will study real estate. The other one we decided on is a musician and even composes some of his own stuff. He will move in mid-October.

Also, I have started to do a series on my blog based on each chapter of the book: The First and Last Freedom. It is compilation of J. Krishnamurthi ‘teachings’. I am going to try and write one each Sunday. There are 2 out for now for those who are interested:

/2011/09/18/the-first-and-last-freedom-thoughts-during-chapter-1/ which I wrote last week and

/2011/09/25/the-first-and-last-freedom-2-thoughts-during-what-are-we-seeking/ which I wrote today.

Enjoy 🙂

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