LOG 2.3: Kramermarkt

9th October, 2011

Hello all!

It is cold and rainy here as I write. Just last week, I could wear a dress, and yesterday I had to pull out a heavy jacket to go out! Apparently in Edinburgh they are expecting snow in October. Quite ridiculous!

I went to Kramermarkt yesterday with my flatmates and friends. It is a mobile carnival of sorts with rides, shops, eatables and games. The place was full of bright lights, cool music and screams. It is a great place to go to watch people make the most animated expressions while on the rides. I rode on the largest mobile Ferris Wheel in the world 🙂 I had gone last weekend too, on a Sunday night (because Monday was Reunification Day for the Germans; and thus a holiday) and I rode on the wave at full speed with my neighbour’s friend, backwards! It was thrilling and quite fun to scream so loud! I’m still not crazy enough to try the scarier rides though… I also went on the bumpy cars last time. Watching the cars this time I observed that some people prefer a peaceful ride, while others purposefully look very happy when they crash into others. It is perfectly possible to ride without crashes and the fact that humans don’t do so shows that they derive pleasure from chaos. I almost planned a study just standing there! I am quite convinced now that I am indeed a scientist 🙂

Speaking of work, the technical problem which has been the cause of a lot of delay and distress, has finally been solved. So I have been making progress with setting up the skin response device and testing the timing. Though there are glitches, I’m very happy things are moving forward.

Socially, there are enough invitations and parties to keep me happily occupied for now. I am also planning a Deepavali party on the 5th of November which will be a vegetarian potluck dinner in candle light. I am also expecting a visit from one of my Edinburgh friends on that weekend.

Life is good. Hope yours is too 🙂

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