LOG 1.12: DMT, The Discovery of Dro"gen Hasen Weg and the Super Extreme Moon

18th March, 2011

Hello everyone,

I watched this video recently.


It corresponds with what Joseph Campbell says about the spiritual world (as represented by myths and anecdotes from those who meditate, and shamans), drugs and psychological diseases like schizophrenia. The world you reach is the same. The method is different. And your intention determines whether you swim through such a world or drown in it.

I think science should indeed open its doors and explore this chemical for the benefits it can have but as with any new ability, it needs to be used with care and responsibility. The potential with this research is quite mind-blowing. The kinds of things it could reveal about our biology, psychological health, reality, this universe, our existence and perhaps ‘god’ should make it a point of great interest too! Humans are curious beings after all 🙂

It must indeed be a transformational experience and the fact that the people who talk about it sound so ‘gone’ speaks volumes about the inability of our language (evolved in this reality) to express those experiences. I am actually reading a book called the Vedic Experience and I’m only in the beginning right now but it talks about the unity. One. The point where all contradictions and opposites exist and not exist at the same time – a time which isn’t there….if you know what I mean… (T=0)

As I listened to the experiences of those who took DMT, I heard echoes of this mythological state. It isn’t a creative story. It is the truth of a different world which we know so little about.

Would I take this? Actually I am quite scared of visiting that world. I have had a couple of peaks into it when I was reading Ka (a book I recommend). My dreams were so vivid… and then there were a couple of times I felt like I was one with the trees (happened in school). To go into the experience full-out is something that would change me too much. I’m quite happy with this reality. But I would definitely like to hear about others who are willing to try it.

Anyway, it would be nice to hear your thoughts on the ideas proposed in the documentary.

Temperatures have dipped again to 6-9 but I see the buds now greener than before. Equinox is on Monday! We are also expecting to be closest to the moon on a full moon date for the first time in 20 years. Such occurrences have been previously associated with storms and even tectonic plate movement but scientifically no such direct proof exists about such causal relationships. I saw the moon on my way back from work today and it looked larger and brighter. I wonder how much brighter it will get tomorrow night. Keep an eye out for this. It is rare!

I also discovered a very nice road very close to where I live. It is called the Dro”gen Hasen Weg. (the double quote marks are meant to be the umlout sign on top of the ‘o’ which I am missing on my keyboard). It has tall trees on either side and it quieter than other streets (read; almost deserted). It has big beautiful houses of various styles of architecture from old style to ultra-modern eco-friendly type. Further into it it reaches an open field on the left side through which a road connects. The street is quite long and acts as a quieter and longer bypass to the main road from which it starts and ends. I haven’t gone through all the way yet. It requires a calm and sunny afternoon which I hope will happen soon. At the furthest end of the road, on the corner, there is a most unlikely kind of shop. Furniture, cutlery, clothes, shoes, books, all used at very low prices. Apparently, a kilogram of clothes (no matter what you buy) is priced at 4 Euros! I’m not sure how much that comes to but it sounds very cheap considering the normal price of things here. If shiny new things aren’t a priority in your life but you do need things in general, I think that’s where people go. I intend to make a trip there sometime next week after the Equinox party.

I hope all of you are well! The recent events in Japan remind us how precarious our lives are. Make the most of every moment! Love life!

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