Oh Mere Dil Ke Chain; Lyrics and Translation

Back to the Oldies 🙂 This is a famous Hindi film song from Mere Jeevan Saathi sung by Kishore Kumar. Thanks to my cousins for corrections 🙂


**O Mere Dil Ke Chain

Chaen Aaye Mere Dil Ko Dua Kijiye

O Mere Dil Ke Chain


Oh my heart’s peace of mind

Wish for my heart to not be restless

**Apna Hi Saaya Dekh Ke Tum

Jaane Jahan Sharma Gaye

Abhi To Yeh Pehli Manzil Hai

Tum To Abhi Se Ghabra Gaye

Mera Kya Hoga Socho To Zara

Haay Aise Na Aanhe Bhara Kijiye

(O Mere)


You saw your own shadow

And how shy you became

This is the first destination

But you are already scared

What will happen to me, give it some thought

Oh, please don’t fill me with such longing

**Aap Ka Armaan

Aap Ka Naam

Mera Fasana Aur Nahin

Inn Jhukti Palkon Ke Siva

Mera Thikana Aur Nahin

Jachta Hi Nahin

Aankhon Mein Koi

Dil Tumko Hi Chahe To Kya Kijiye

(O Mere)


Your longing

Your name

My obsession is nothing else

Nothing but these lowered eye-lashes

Is the matter of my heart

Nothing else

Is noticed or registered by my eyes

What can I do if you are all my heart wants?

**Yun To Akela Hi Aksar

Gir Ke Sambhal Sakta Hoon Main

Tum Jo Pakad Lo Haath Mera

Duniya Badal Sakta Hoon Main

Maanga Hain Tumhe Duniye Ke Liye

Ab Khud Hi Sanam Faisla Kijiye

(O Mere)**

You are alone but

I will fall over to support you

If you hold my hand

I could change the whole world

I’m asking for you for the sake of the world

Now it is up to you to decide

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