Nadiye Nadiye Kadhal Nadiye: Lyrics and Translation

The movie Rhythm has themed songs on the various elements of nature. This one is on water. The lyrics draw a comparisons between the qualities of women and and of water.

**Dheemthananaa Dheemthananaa

Dheemthananaa Dheemthananaa

Dheemthananaa Dheemthananaa Dhiranaa

Dheemthananaa Dheemthananaa

Dheemthananaa Dheemthananaa

Dheemthananaa Dheemthananaa Dhiranaa**

**Nadhiyae Nadhiyae Kaadhal Nadhiyae

Neeyum Pendhaanae

Adi Neeyum Pendhaanae

Onraa Irandaa Kaaranam Nooru,

Kaettaal Solvaenae

Nee Kaettaal Solvaenae



River, river, river of love

You are a woman too

You are a woman too

One or two, the reasons are a hundred

If asked I will tell

If you ask, I will tell

**Nadandhaal Aaru

Ezhundhaal Aruvi

Ninraal Kadalalloa

Samaindhaal Kumari

Manandhaal Manaivi

Petraal Thaayalloa**

When walking, she’s a river,

When rising, a waterfall,

When standing still, the ocean

When she grows, a young woman,

When she weds, a wife,

When she gives birth, a mother

**Siru Nadhigalae

Nadhiyidum Karaigalae

Karaithodum Nuraigalae

Nuraigalil Ival Mugamae**

Little rivers

The rivers’ banks

The foam that touches the banks,

Her face in the bubbles

**Dhinam Moadhum Karai Thoarum

Ada Aarum Isai Paadum

Jil Jil Jil Enra Sruthiyilae

Gangai Varum Yamunai Varum

Vaigai Varum Porunai Varum

Jal Jal Jal Enra Nadaiyilae**

The music of the brushing of a river

Along the lengths of it’s banks all day

This happy, happy tone

The Ganga/Ganges will come, Yamuna will,

Vaigai and Ponni too

With this rhythmic rhythmic walking

**Kaadhali Arumai Pirivil

Manaiviyin Arumai Maraivil

Neerin Arumai Arivaay Koadaiyilae

Vetkam Vandhaal Uraiyum

Viralgal Thottaal Urugum

Neerum Pennum Onru Vaadaiyilae**

A lover’s wonder, on separation,

A wife’s importance, on death

Water’s importance, you’ll realise during summer

Colours will rise when she’s shy

On contact, fingers will melt

Water and women share their scent

**Thanneer Kudaththil Pirakkiroam Oho

Thanneer Karaiyil Mudikkiroam Oho

Thanneer Kudaththil Pirakkiroam Oho

Thanneer Karaiyil Mudikkiroam Oho


In a pot of water we are born (womb)

On the banks of water our existences finish (ashes)



Vanna Vanna Pennae

Vattamidum Nadhiyae

Valaivugal Azhagu

Ungal Valaivugal Azhagu

Ho! Mellisaigal Padiththal

Maedu Pallam Maraiththal

Nadhigalin Gunamae

Adhu Nangaiyin Gunamae**

Colourful woman

The meandering river

Curves are beautiful

Your curves are beautiful

Ho! The gentleness of the way your lay

And hide the rough contours of the land

Are the qualities of a river

Are the qualities of a woman

**(Siru Nadhigalae)


Thaenkaniyil Saaraagi

Pookkalilae Thaenaagi

Pasuvinilae Paalaagum Neerae

Thaayarugae Saeyaagi

Thalaivanidam Paayaagi

Saeyarugae Thaayaagum Pennae**

Water; In a honey of a fruit, in the nectar in a flower,

And in the milk in a gentle cow

Girl; The infant with her mother, the lover of her man,

And the mother with an infant

**Poonguyilae Poonguyilae

Pennum Aarum Vadivam Maarakkoodum

Neer Ninaiththaal

Pen Ninaiththaal

Karaigal* Yaavum Karaindhu Poagak Koodum**

Dear singing bird,

A woman and a river change forms

If the water wishes it

If a woman wishes it

Any bank* can be broken and dissolved

Any stain* can be washed clean

**(Nadhiyae Nadhiyae)


(^) in Hindu custom, the ashes are scattered in a river

  • wordplay on the word ‘karai’ which means bank of a river and stain

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