En Veetu Thotathil: Lyrics and Translation

This sweet love song from the movie Gentleman in the 1990s is one of A.R. Rahman’s lesser known gems. It has a fresh, innocent, morning feel to it even though the lyrics are more explicit than many other Tamil songs of that time. There are some parts which I am doubtful about, which I have marked with a (?), so feel free to leave a comment if you can add to it.


**en veetu thoattathil poovellam kaettuppaar

en veetu jannal kambi ellaamae kaettuppaar

en veetu thennangeetrai ippoadhae kaettuppaar

en nenjaich chollumae (x2)


Ask all the flowers in my garden

Ask all the bars on my windows

Ask the (?) of my house right now

And they will tell you about my heart

**vaayp paattup paadum pennae mounangal koodaadhu

vaayp poottuch chattam ellaam pennukku aagaadhu

vandellaam saththam poattaal poonjoalai thaangaadhu

mottukkal saththam poattaal vandukkae kaekaadhu

aadikku pinnaalae kaavaeri thaangaadhu

aadaana pinnaalae allippoo moodaadhu

aasai thudikkinradhae**

Oh the girl who sings, you must never be silent

All the sounds your mouth makes is not good for a woman (?)

If all the bees make noise, the flowering plant can’t take it(?)

If the buds make noises, the bees wouldn’t hear it

The river Kaveri won’t be stopped by dams

After the flower has bloomed, it won’t close up again

Desire is suffering!

**un veetu thoattathil poovellam kaettuppaar

un veetu jannal kambi ellaamae kaettuppaar

un veetu thennangeetrai ovvonraaik kaettuppaar

en paerai chollumae**

Ask all the flowers in your garden

Ask all the bars on your windows

Ask each of the (?) of your house

They will say my name

**sollukkum theriyaamal sollaththaan vandhaenae

sollukkul arththam poalae sollaamal ninraenae

sollukkum arththathukkum dhoorangal kidaiyaadhu

sollaadha kaadhal ellaam sorggaththil saeraadhu

ennikkai theerndhaalum muththangal theeraadhu

ennikkai paarththaalae muththangal aagaadhu


Without knowing what to say I came to speak

Just like the meaning of what I wanted to say, I too stopped without speaking

There is not much distance between speech and meaning

Not all the unspoken loves meet in heaven

Even if I stop, my kisses won’t(?)

Mere kisses aren’t enough

Hmm, speaking from experience? 😉

**(en veetu)

(un veetu)**

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