Enna Ithu: Feature Spoiler 'Nala Damayanthi '

If you are in love, you will love this song. The melody has a dreamy and floaty feeling to it and the lyrics describe the wonder and joy of being in love. The English translation is written within the video for those who don’t understand Tamil.


This song occurs at a turning point in the movie Nala Damayanthi. Madhavan’s character, on finding that his employer in Australia unexpectedly passed away and losing his documents on a train agrees to a sham marriage which will give him an Australian citizenship so he can continue being a cook in the Indian fast food place that took him under his wing. An Australian cop is one of the bad guys in the movie, who tries to prove that the marriage is a sham. In trying to convince those who know or suspect otherwise, the two actually fall in love.

Though overall light-hearted, there are some serious and touching moments which throw light on deeper issues like disability, dowry, and racism. But the blend is just right.

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