25th May 2007

I suddenly realize I am a machine. I do the same things everyday. I’ve stopped feeling. I’ve stopped thinking.

I’m too busy with my life. I’ve grown far away from childhood. I’m passive. I’ve stopped caring…cold, inert, dead. I’m insensitive and superficial. Everything I thought I shouldn’t grow into. I’ve become that machine.

I can’t think further than logic. Logic isn’t enough. I run from introspection. I run. Rapidly run from being alone. I am afraid and now I know it.

I used to burn my blood for work, for the love and passion. Now I only burn to fool myself of love of work, for the rain, music and nature.

I am an adult. I am a machine. Monstrous. There is no love in me. I’m a danger to myself and to humanity and all of dear earth.

But now that I shine light on this state, it will vapourise.

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