From October 2008

The Bus 1

I stand in the bus

The crowd sways behind me

My dupatta catches the flow

But oh! Now the flow chokes me.

The Bus 2

I stand in the bus.

Just behind the steps.

Two hands of different people

On either side of my neck

Grab hold of the metal bar in front


The Bus 3

Smelly people

With rough synthetic clothes

Rub against my skin

While reaching for support

My hand brushes past a woman’s head

And is coated with her oil.

The Bus 4

I stand near the steps

As people get in

The women hit my face as they enter

No apologies.

The Bus 5

At the back, a man,

His hand at a woman’s posterior

I glare.

He gets off at the next stop.

The Bus 6

Balancing on a bus is like

Practicing karate stances

And surfing at the same time

We become flexible, strong armed


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