LfE 9: Halloween and the True Colours of the Weather


Hello everyone!

My cough is completely gone. It took its own time and I waited patiently πŸ™‚

Last night was Halloween. We were out all night partying. It started out with dressing up and going out after dinner. The costumes people wore were fascinating and of such variety! There were Egyptians, Romans, aliens, superheros and ghastly faces of gore among some animal costumes and many others I can’t successfully categorise. I didn’t specifically do much. Just wore a lot more eye makeup than usual and looked pretty πŸ™‚

We walked a long way to a Neuroinformatics classmate’s apartment for a house party. There was plenty of alcohol and music became better as the night progressed. There was also candy and juice πŸ™‚

After a while some of us decided to go out and walk some more, looking at more costumes. It took a while to gather our classmates but we made it out. By then some of us were influenced by alcohol. It was odd, the behavioural changes that happen.

We ended the night by dancing in an unnecessarily loud club. Gas poured out of the spray and lights of various colours flashed. It was nice…to be in sync with the rhythm of some familiar popular songs but it was too loud. Just too loud.

Meanwhile, the weather is showing its true colours. It’s been raining more frequently but surprisingly hasn’t been getting much colder. The rain is more incessant and progressively of larger drop-size too.

A note about studies- We’ve been getting so much input of the various kinds of research going on that we’ve had little time to assimilate everything and organise our thoughts into what projects we want to do specifically. This week we have a workshop on handling animals and I must say I’m apprehensive about it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Not much more from me for now. Hope all of you are well and happy. Life must be lead meaningfully or else it may pass you by …too quickly. Live every moment.

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