Home Remedies from south India: Chicken pox

This is a continuation of the series which started with Hair Care. The other posts covered Eye care, Coughs, Digestive disorders, Head aches, and Skin care among other topics. The information in this series is the knowledge of my grandmother, which I documented as part of a project on medicinal plants and home remedies.

  1. Jeeragam(Jeera or cumin) is boiled in water and sultanas (raisins) are added to the drink.
  2. It also helps to drink plenty of Elani (coconut water), with pachai nadan malai vaazhai (raw banana from the mountains)
  3. The diet should be completely without salt.
  4. Turmeric with neem leaves and castor seed (optional) is ground and applied on the itching skin.
  5. Cotton seeds are ground into a juice and consumed after bath.
  6. Lots of curd rice is eaten.


The pictures used in this series are inserted from other websites. I have used them only to illustrate the ingredients used in the remedies.

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