Aap Hamare Saath Nahi – Lyrics and Translation

Hariharan has an amazing voice and has performed in many movie songs both in Tamil and Hindi. But he also made his name in ghazal albums. This song is from an album called Jashn..


**Aap Humare Saath Nahi

Chaliye Koi Baat Nahi

Aap Kisi Ke Ho Jaye

Aapke Bas Ki Baat Nahi

Aap Humare Saath Nahi**

You are not with me

Oh well, it doesn’t matter

You can become someone else’s

It is not about you (?)

You are not with me

**Dil Ka Sheesha Toot Chuka

Waqt Bhi Humse Rutth Chuka

Ab Humko Aawaz Na Do

Ab Aise Haalaat Nahi

(Aap Kisi Ke)**

The glass of my heart is broken

Time has run out for us

Don’t say anything

It is not the right circumstance for that

(You become someone else’s)

**Saara Jamana Jaanta Hai

Khoob Humein Pehchaanta Hai

Humko Mitana Mushkil Hai

Sadiyan Hai Lamhaat Nahi

(Aap Kisi Ke)**

Everyone knows us

They all recognise us well

To remove (the image of) us is difficult

It has been eras, not mere moments

(But you become someone else’s)

**Dil To Tumhara Hai Jaanam

Jaan Bhi De Sakte Hai Hum

Sab Kuch Hai Gawara Humko, Magar

To Hi Ne Jasabaat Nahi

(Aap Kisi Ke)**

My heart is yours, dear

I could give my life too

I’m suffering all this, but

It means nothing to you (?)

(But you become someone else’s)

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