Uyire Uyire – Lyrics and Translation

From the movie Bombay, this is another super-hit from Rahman. Hariharan’s voice makes it take on a etheral quality. And if I may say so, these lyrics far out-beat the Hindi remake. Thanks to my dad for correcting the meanings.

**Uyirae uyirae vandhu ennoadu kalandhuvidu

Uyirae uyirae ennai unnoadu kalandhuvidu

Ninaivae ninaivae endhan nenjoadu kalandhuvidu

Nilavae nilavae indha vinnoadu kalandhuvidu

Kaadhal irundhaal endhan kannoadu kalandhuvidu

Kaalam thaduththaal ennai mannoadu kalandhuvidu


Life, life, come and merge with me

Life, life, merge me with you

Thoughts, thoughts, merge with my heart

Moon, moon, merge with this sky

If there is love, merge it with my eyes

If circumstance hinders you, merge me with the earth

**En swaasak kaatru varumpaadhai paarththu uyirthaangi naaniruppaen

Malarkonda penmai vaaramal poanaal malaimeedhu theekkulippaen

En uyir poagum poanaalum thuyarillai kannae adharkaagavaa paadinaen

Varum edhirkaalam un meedhu pazhipoadum pennae adharkaagaththaan vaadinaen

Mudhalaa mudivaa? adhai un kaiyil koduththuvittaen**

I will watch the path my breath air comes from and hold on to my life

If the flowering feminity doesn’t come, I will set myself on fire on the mountain top

I don’t care, I might die. Is that why I’m singing? (rhetorical, implying, that’s not why)

The future will put the blame on you, girl, that’s why I wilted (?)

Is this the beginnning or the end? I’ve left that in your hands.

**Uyirae uyirae inru unnoadu kalandhuvittaen

Uravae uravae inru en vaasal kadandhuvittaen

Ninaivae ninaivae undhan nenjoadu niraindhuvittaen

Kanavae kanavae undhan kannoadu karaindhuvittaen**

Life*, life, today I’ve merged with you

Family, family, today I have crossed beyond my veranda (figuratively)

Thoughts, thoughts, in your heart I have flowed over the brim

My dream, my dream, I have merged with your eyes

**(Kaadhal irundhaal…)

**Oar paarvai paarththaen uyirthandha penmai vaaraamal poayvidumaa

Oru kannil konjam valivandha poadhu maru kannum thoongidumaa

Naan karumpaarai palathaandi vaeraaga vandhaen kannaalan mugam paarkkavae

En kadungaaval palathaandi kaatraaga vandhaen kannaa un kural kaetkavae

Adadaa adadaa inru kanneerum thiththikkinradhae**


With one look, I gave my life. Did you think my femininity would not come?

When one eye hurts, can the other sleep?

I’ve crossed so many black boulders and come straight to see my darling’s face

I crossed my many guards and come like the wind, dear, to hear your voice

Oh my, oh my, today even tears taste so sweet

**Mazhaipoal mazhaipoal vandhu mannoadu vizhundhuvittaen

Manampoal manampoal undhan oonoadu maraindhuvittaen

Uyirae uyirae inru unnoadu kalandhuvittaen

Ninaivae ninaivae undhan nenjoadu niraindhuvittaen**

Like the rain, like the rain, I’ve come and fallen on the earth

Like the heart/soul, like the heart/soul, I’ve hidden myself in your flesh

Life, life, today I’ve merged with you

Thoughts, thoughts, in your heart I have flowed over the brim

*The persona calls out to one’s lover as one’s life just as in the song Swasame, they refer to each other as the air we breathe. It is a intense endearment which implies that they need the other as much as the need air or are dear to them as life itself.

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