Yamunai Aatrile – Lyrics and Translation

A beautiful song from Thalapathi.

**Yamunai atrile ira katrile

Kannanodu than aada

Parvai poothida padhai parthida

Pavai radhaiyo vada**

In Yamuna river, in the moist air,

To dance with Krishna

As vision flowers, to watch the path,

Young Radha wilts (with disappointment)

**Iravum ponadhu pagalum ponadhu

Mannan illaye kooda

Ilaya kanniyin imaithidatha kan

Ingum angume theda**

Night has passed, day has passed,

The king is not with her

The young girl’s unblinking eyes

Search here and there (everywhere)

**Ayarpadiyil kannan illayo

Asai vaipathe anbhu thollaiyo (2)

Pavam Radha**

Krishna isn’t in the cow-hearding grounds

To love is a sweet-lovely-torture-trouble

Poor Radha


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