Pon Maalai Pozhudu Lyrics and Translation

One of Ilayraja’s most popular pieces.


**Pon maaalaip pozhuthu

Idhu oru pon maalaip pozhudhu

Vaanamagal naanugiraal vaeru udai poonugiraal

(Idhu oru)**

Golden evening time

This is a golden evening time

The Sky-girl is getting shy, she is changing her clothes

(This is a)

**Aayiram nirangal jaalamidum

Raaththiri vaasalil kolamidum

Vaanam iravukkup paalamidum

Paadum paravaigal thaalamidum

Poomarangal saamarangal veesaadhoa

(Idhu oru)**

A thousand colours make magic

In front of the house of Night draw kolams(patterns)

The sky lets out a bridge for the night

The singing birds keep beat

Won’t the flowering trees, sap-trees wave with the wind?

(This is a)

**Vaanam enakkoru bhodhi maram

Naalum enakkadhu saedhi tharum

Oru naal ulagam needhi perum

Thirunaal nigazhum thaedhi varum

Kaelvigalaal vaelvigalai naan seyvaen

(Idhu oru)**

The sky is a tree of enlightenment for me

The day will give me news

One day the world will obtain justice

That auspicious day will happen, come looking to happen

I will make sacrifices of questions

(This is a)

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