August 18th 2008

Who was Sripadrao Uncle?

He was a Teacher.

But if this is true, then the word ‘Teacher’ must absorb infinitely

From his character, mind and actions.

‘Great’ falls too short. Not even close to enough a word to

Describe him.

In my humble words he was

A profound thinker, a good person with a

Heart so pure, untouched by negativity. Invincible.

A knowledgeable person of great intellect.

Even at great ages so energetic, optimistic, dedicated,

Wise, generous and so curious.

That was him.

In every life, there are some sparks of inspiration.

He was my first and brightest.

For everyone who knew him and those fortunate

Enough to have been taught by him

In Any way,

He was an Inspiration. A teacher.

Can any being measure to his qualities?


If he was born again.

Remembering him with great affection and respect.

His student.

Sripi, as some of us refer to him, started teaching us Biology in our 8th. He was around 79 or so then. He would walk into class and make us excited about learning about the cell of plants. I’ll never forget the analogies he made in class. My basics are good because of the drive he gave. But he was good at literature and history too. And very knowledgeable about music.

In my 11th, he had a haemorrhage. It was severe enough to force him not to teach anymore. But he would long to. I visited him at his home from then on. Once in a few months. He would see me and smile. What bright eyes even at 86 years of age! And each time, I would come home more driven to learn more. He was kind and soft-spoken.

If I had just one wish now, I would like to see him smile at me Just one more time.

Post Script from now: I remember him often. How well he was loved.

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