Home Remedies from south India: Ulcers

This is a continuation of the series which started with Hair Care. The other posts covered Colds, Coughs, Foot problems, Head aches, and Skin care among other topics. The information in this series is the knowledge of my grandmother, which I documented as part of a project on medicinal plants and home remedies.

  1. Nallennai (sesame oil) is gurgled for a few minutes twice a day for mouth ulcers.
  2. Raw Vendayam (Fenugreek) or cooked Pasiparuppu (greengram) is swallowed with water.
  3. Coconut water (thenga thanni/elaneer) is consumed.
  4. Manathakali keerai or Ponnanganni keerai in Koottu (cooked gravy from with lentils) reduces the heat of the body resulting in no ulcers.
  5. Thengai (coconut) pieces are munched well and eaten.
  6. Cabbage contains chemicals that help heal both gastric and duodenal ulcers.


The pictures used in this series are inserted from other websites. I have used them only to illustrate the ingredients used in the remedies.

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