From 2003:



It suffered times when It almost drowned

in the unruly sea, in wild tempests.

The sharp, icy jagged teeth of Cruelty

bit deeply into It.

The tearing claws of Anger slashed

powerfully at It.

It was being dragged through shrubs of

thorns that dug, stung

and scratched bitterly.



The ground was hard and cold

burnt by an evil green, raging fire.

Torture…but It held on…searching

in desperate hope for a glimpse of


from the other end of what it hoped

was a tunnel, but was

a cave.



It finally extinguished

There was infinite darkness,



Overwhelming anguish and


No more hope.

No more warmth.

Just an agonizing silence…

Would it be this way


It didn’t want it so…anymore.

Who can enjoy pain?

It closed its eyes, believed it was

no more there.



On opening them, It saw a glow.

No, it was not a flame that could be

washed away.

No, It was no longer where it was before

This was not that cave but the

entrance to a garden.

Bright, full of light and beautiful



It dared to look back, felt no more pain.

This was real…the garden.

The place of truth and love,

not the cave of unending illusion.

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