Anthi Mazhai Lyrics and Translations

I think by now it is quite easy to tell I am a big fan of Kamal Hassan. His acting is so versatile, it truly is a pity that just because of the language and/or a cultural barrier, the rest of the world is missing out. Thanks to my dad for helping with the meanings.

**M:Andhi mazhai pozhigiradhu

Ovvoru thuLiyilum un mugam therigiradhu**

The evening rain is pouring

In every drop, I see your face

**(Andhi mazhai)

Indiran thottathu munthiriyae

Manmadhan naattukkuk manthiriyae**

You are the cashew from the garden of the King of Gods

You are the minister in the land of Desire

(Andhi mazhai)

**F:Thaenil vaNNdu moozhgum podhu

Paavam endru vandhaaL maadhu

NenjukkuL theeyai vaiththu mogam enbaai

ThaNNeeril moozhgikkoNdae thaagam enbaai**

When the bee sinks in the honey

The girl came feeling sorry for it

You have fire in your heart, you call it desire

Even when you drown in water, you are thirsty

**M:Thanimaiyilae veRumaiyilae eththanai naaLadi iLa maiyilae

Kettana iravugaL suttana kanavugaL imaiyengum sumaiyadi iLamayilae**

In loneliness and barrenness, how many days, young peacock?

Bad nights of lost sleep and burning dreams, a burden on the eyelids, in our youth

**M:Andhi mazhai pozhigiradhu

F:Ovvoru thuLiyilum un mugam therigiradhu**

**M:Dhaegam yaavum theeyin dhaagam

Dhaagam theera nee dhaan maegam

KaNNukuL muLLai vaiththu yaar thaithadhu

ThaNNeeril nirkkum podhae vaerkindradhu**

The body is the fire’s thirst

To fulfil the thirst, you are the cloud (with water)

After putting a thorn in my eye, who is waiting? (?)

Even when I stand in the water, I still sweat

**F:Nenjupporu konjamiru thaavaNi visirigaL veesugiraen

Manmadha ambugaL thaitha idhayathil sandhanamai ennai poosugiraen**

Wait, heart! Just a second, I will fan you with my thavani(refer to Balailakka)

The arrows of the god of desire that struck your heart, I will balm the injury with sandalwood

**(Andhi mazhai)

F:Ahahah sippiyil thappiya niththilamae

Ragasiya raathiri puththagamae**

The sea creature that got away from the pearl oyster

The book of secret nights

(Andhi mazhai)

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