Thakita Thadimi (Salangai Oli) Lyrics Translated

I recommend this beautiful movie to everyone. In this song, the uber-talented dancer has become an alcoholic and he sings and dances referring to the past he shares with the widow who is watching him. He says he blames no one for where life took him, possibly implying that he doesn’t care about anything any more. Thanks to my dad for correcting the meanings.

Thakita thadhimi thakita thadhimi thandhaanaa

Idhaya oliyin jadhiyil enadhu thillaanaa

Irudhayam adikkadi irandadhu enbaenaa

En kadhai ezhudhida marukkudhu en paenaa

Surudhiyum layamum onru saera

(Dance syllables)

The heart’s sounds’ rhythm is my dance song.

Will I speak about my heart often dies?

My pen, it refuses to write my story

Melody and rhythm are coming together**



Ulaga vaazhkkai nadanam nee oppukkonda payanam

Adhu mudiyumboadhu thodangum nee thodangumboadhu mudiyum

Manidhan dhinamum alaiyil alaiyum kumizhi

Theriyum therindhum manamae kalangaadhiru nee

Thaalamingu thappavillai yaar meedhum thappu illai

Kaalgal poana paadhai endhan ellai

The worldly life is a drama, a journey you accepted to take

When it ends, it starts, when you start, it ends

Man is a bubble roaming daily in the waves

Even when that is known, mind, don’t get mixed up

No beat has been missed, the fault is no one’s

I go where ever my feet take me!


Pazhaiya raagam marandhu nee parandhadhenna piridhu

Iravudhoarum azhudhu en irandu kannum pazhudhu

Idhu oru ragasiya naadagamae

Alaigalil kulingidum oadam naanae

Baavamundu paavamillai vaazhkkaiyoadu koabamillai

Kaadhal ennaik kaadhalikka villai


You forgot the old tunes and flew away from me

All night, I cried and my two eyes were sore

This is a secret drama

I am the boat which rocks with the waves

There are feelings, not sins here, I have no anger with life

Just that love didn’t love me!



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