First published in August 2008


Like a vengeful human on a leash

If you were to be freed

What damage, what destruction…

What chaos.

But making me stay is a strain

Why not just yell me out?

Break something inanimate

Or animate…


Freedom of expression?

Is to hurt?

Is to break?


That is savagery.

I am.

If you must express yourself

Do it in a civilised way.

Art, music, poetry, conversation,

Reason, logic…

That would make me stop existing.

Wouldn’t it.

Don’t smile so derisively.

In your wish to be rid of me

There is violence.


You are the reason for

My blood pressure.

If you let me do as I want,

I wouldn’t be.

You cage me and expect me to disappear.

What else can I do?

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