Letters from Edinburgh: 4




I had my first classes today so after an all-girls Birthday party (of our new American friend) last night with yum brownies, I organised my things for today and slept as early as possible. I woke at 7 feeling nervous, packed lunch for the first time in my life, rechecked my bag for essentials and left.

I got there just in time for the first class. It was about cognitive ageing, epidemiology and intelligence. I understood most of it but it was quite new to me. The teacher handed it all out so we could re-read anything when we wanted. He also gave us links and book references to read up. He gave us a 5 min break in which time I tried going over what he covered but he came back and started sooner than we expected.

I had a one hour break after that when I had my packed lunch (a tri-layered sandwich with butter and peanut butter between the 3 slices, a carrot and a tetra pack juice. Sounds healthy, I know 🙂 Meanwhile my friends were pulling each other’s legs so I had something to amuse me too.

I went for my next class which was relatively light: just a half hour intro about the course by my program director then he passed on the torch to Carole who gave us a solid 1.5 hour lecture on ‘pain’. Ironic, I say! No I’m kidding. It was ok. I conceptually understood what she was saying. Just that I’ve never heard of most of the terms and names she used! But she has given her email id so I’ll mail her when I have something to ask.

On the whole it was a mind zapping experience and I came out quite humbled. My mind is still swishing around like a washing machine with trying to deal with all that input. I caught hold of my brainy friend who had some background in neuroscience in her Undergrad on the way out and we went to the library and picked up one of the books our cognitive aging Prof. had recommended. I was on short term loan only so it’s due 10am tomorrow! It is a short- ‘very short’- introduction to intelligence that he himself has written so I hope it’ll give me a better grasp of what he talked about. I have heavy homework on my first day. Excellent, about time I started too after too much fun and lazing around.

I hope my brain isn’t too rusty, and that within a couple of days I’m completely on track! My poor fiction book will have to wait its turn.

I hope you’re all well – healthy, happy etc.

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