What a magnificent construction

This tall metal brick tower

This world of common definitions

Where I am the epitome of purity,

Goodness, sincerity and compassion.

I am a smoothened rock in

The middle of a gushing river.

Shiny, clean, and bright

Not realizing that this water that

(Brain) washes me, has

No meaning or truth.

Ven diagrams of two worlds

Crash and collide, time and again

So much energy and exhaustion

Till this eagle feels her wings

And sees the chains for what they are.

These chains, the smoothness

Of my surface,

Only to protect me

Unconsciously control me

Their disbelief in flight.

I’ve seen this construction

The rock feels no river

The eagle feels its wings

We’ve all called the bluff,

Realised the joke.

It’s time to leave.

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