LfE 24: Volcano Sunset




As you all probably know, the Iceland Volcano continues to erupt disrupting flights all over northern Europe. My flatmate who was supposed to go to Germany for part of her PhD has been grounded here. My other flatmate’s classmates are stuck in Holland after a conference! On the day the flight disruptions began, we climbed Arthur’s Seat (after such a long time) to see the sun set at 8:20pm. It was deep dark red with a dip of orange in it. After the breathtaking climb and view, we quickly descended. The western sky was rainbow coloured- each colour merging into the other. Venus was as bright as a diamond and pearl put together and just below it on the right there was the slightest crescent of the moon. It was so beautiful!

I took my shoes off and ran on the grass barefoot. Then rolled around till I smelt of grass. The others seemed to think this was fun too and joined me. We all rolled for a long time- the world spun beautifully and lying on our bellies on the grass felt like we were hugging the whole planet!It was a wonderful evening.

Since then, things have got more and more busy with deadlines, presentations, posters and write-ups.

More later.

Keep happy and healthy and live life to the full!


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