Letters from Edinburgh: 1

In the posts that follow this, will be the letters I wrote to family and friends when I was in Edinburgh for my MSc in Neuroscience. They are of course edited for a more public audience.




I landed in Edinburgh a couple of hours ago. It has been an extremely long day and I will have been awake for nearly 24 hours! But I’m not complaining. It’s great to be here! Everything they said about this city being beautiful and the people being friendly is completely true (The cab I shared with a friend came to 21.8 pounds but he rounded it down to 20! I was really surprised.)

The sun was shining when I got here and my flat is on a main road on the second floor so it has got a good view of trees, birds and other buildings. Everything is different here the roads, tar make, the cars, the architecture and the birds and trees.

The flight was good. Plane food wasn’t as bad as I had dreaded. There was so much of it and so much of it was sweet. An old couple sat next to me for 10 hours. I watched two comedy movies and listened to some nice songs on the flight. I think of all the people flying I was the only one who took the recommended exercises seriously and walked around every once in a while. I also drank lots of water and orange juice.

On the domestic flight I sat next to a London-born Indian who was surprised at my ‘good English’ and general exposure to things like Russell Peters. I was laughing to myself about the general NRI opinion of India. He will join for economics as an undergraduate.

It feels good to be here. I think it’s going to be great just walking around. The people I’m living with are friendly. It’s colder and the prospect of a completely new life ahead of me is exciting.

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