Letters from Edinburgh: 3



Hello all!

It has been nearly 10 days since I got here. Freshers’ week was very fun! I went for lots of cool events where we got to meet people from all sorts of fields from genomics to international politics and everything in between!

Social events included speed social networking for Postgrad (PG) students, going for individual school inductions (with free lunches) and generally hanging out with people at the ‘mature students’ common room. And most fun of all were the dance taster sessions: I went for the Swing Dance and Salsa ones with my housemates.

There are people here are from 140 different countries and it’s really interesting because you meet Mexicans, Germans, Romanians, Indians, English, Greeks and Scots of course, just to name a few. I could call Edinburgh a truly international city.

Towards the end of the week I went for my subject induction. We were given a safety talk and introduced to our program directors formally. I have a nice bunch of around 10-14 people in my class and when I told my director about my project ideas he seemed to think they were good. That really made my day. I also volunteered for an experiment to try and learn an artificial music language and earned myself 4 pounds in one hour!

The people who were staying with us without a house of their own finally found one so the house seems very empty now. They invited us to their house for dinner the day they moved in. The interior decorations were good and everything seemed new and shiny. My two house mates are friendly, helpful and good people. I’m pretty lucky. After going to Asda, a very large grocery store we have good food supplies and have started to make proper food instead of living on ‘ready to make’ packages. I think that’s about it from here for now.

I hope you’re all having fun.

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