The new play in the Mind-Theatre

If you thought you had seen the future

Would you tell anyone?

If you dreamt of boundless happiness

Would you believe it’s possible?

The comfort of a warm bed on a cold evening

The answer to an SOS

The joy of discovery

The safety of belonging;

This feeling makes a scientist a poet.

It bubbles within, uncertain of it’s existence.

The journey I take in my mind

I wish to take in reality

Occasionally apprehensive that if imagination was pushed

It may crack.

Meanwhile, nourished by fantasy,

My withered heart blooms pretty pink

A new Spring is born.

The urge to sing out loud

Would burst my lungs if I don’t indulge.

When the fisherman feels the tug

Who is hooked?

No other fish will do for this

Old Man and the Sea.

Every instant is for jumping off

Expecting to fly

Am I wise in waiting to make sure

I do indeed have wings?

It’s all in the mind.

Nothing is real.

I will enjoy this play

In my Mind-Theatre.