Thank you, Frank. It was nice Flying with you!

When Frank Sinatra sings Fly Me To The Moon and Come Fly with me, I feel like dancing. It resonates and lifts me from my thoughts.

Our minds are equipped. We are able to engage in music and dance to feel good. To feel connected. It makes me feel alive.

We long for connection. When we are bound over by skin, we can’t connect with others as easily as if we had no physical form. It is a form of isolation. This drives us to love and cherish our families, make friends, and seek soul mates or at least companionship. But it is an undeniable fact that we are alone. And we can feel it in a large quiet house or on a walk with friendly people. It makes me think Buddha asked us to give up our materialistic life, including our attachments. Not because he wanted us to be lonely but because in realising that we really are alone, perhaps we will start seeking higher forms of connection; with more than just people; perhaps with the Universe and All Existence.

That must require a lot of effort and discipline for those who weren’t born with it. So for us, in moments that we feel isolated, there is music and dance. There is Frank Sinatra. Abstract connection for those who feel alone.

Thank you Frank. It was nice Flying with you !