That Morning

Turn the page, he said.

She did and began reading.

It spoke of warm sunshine pouring through the leaves in the morning and waking to the smell of coffee. The smooth sheets flowing against soft skin. She was in a new world. The music floated through to her room, calling to her. She rose, breathed fully and followed. As she stepped out of the room, the cool marble against her bare feet, the music grew louder. It was the flute. Melodic and soft. She hummed along the familiar tune and started to sway with it. She closed her eyes.

When she opened them again, she was dressed almost royally. Her heavy tresses were lifted and curled majestically on top of her head and diamond earrings weighed on her ears. Her neck was adorned with a suiting sparkling delight. Her deep blue dress fit closely and flowed to the floor. She stared into the mirror at herself. She had never looked so glamorous and elegant. Yet, she felt the part as she walked towards the music, her dress sweeping the reflective floor. As she entered, a hush fell over the room. Are they astounded by my appearance, she thought to herself. They cleared a path for her and bowed. She stepped forward and began walking down an aisle of people.

So it is true, she realised. What they had said when I was a child; I am the Chosen One. She continued walking and at last could see the end. It looked like a throne. The music had changed. It seemed one of victory and pride. From near the throne, a familiar man stepped towards her and smiled as she reached him. He led her to the seat and bid her to sit. She did and as she looked back towards the sea of people, she saw in front of her a dainty table with her breakfast.

Three types of fresh fruit juice, lightly toasted bread with melted butter, muffins and coffee. The coffee that had woken her up.

The same man at the throne took his seat opposite her. He spoke into her mind. You are wondering about what you saw. Yes, she replied in thought. You have lived until now, a life of a normal human being. But inwardly you have always known you were different. Known? Does that mean I really am? He paused, then said aloud, “Your parents asked me to explain your family history to you. The same is happening to your brother and your younger sister at this moment.”

He looked away for a moment as if collecting his thoughts, and then back at her. “You are human, mostly. But your descent was from the Beginning. You were chosen to bring the worlds together. Today, you are 8000 days old. It was marked as the day to reveal to all three of you your true identity and purpose.”

Her head spun as he leaned towards her and poured her a cup of pineapple juice. “Your parents have ensured that in your upbringing, you have learnt everything you will need.” He leaned back. “I know, you have a lot of questions but for now, eat your breakfast, then we will go to the Chak’nap room and I will show you a book which has all the history until the birth of your parents.”